High Wear Resistant Bimetal Steel Plate

Our wear-resistant alloy plate is a layer of chrome carbide wear-resistant layer deposited on the basis of ordinary steel plate, which has high wear resistance and good impact resistance. Compared with other common wear plates, it has higher cost performance and is favored by more industrial industries.
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Wear-resistant steel plate with high wear resistance and good impact performance is good, can be cutting, bending, welding, etc., can adopt welding, plug welding, bolt connection way to connect with other structures, such as the scene of the maintenance process possesses the characteristics of time saving, convenient and widely used in metallurgy, coal, cement, power, glass, mining, building materials, brick and tile industry, compared with other materials, has a high cost performance, has been favored by more and more industries and factories.


1. High wear resistance

( 25 times than Q235/mild steel ,10 times than 16nm,5 times than mn360)

2. Long service life

(40 times longer than mild steel pate,10 times longer than manganese steel plate,3-4 times longer than hardox)   

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