Highly Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate

Highly Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate

QS is a manufacture focus on wear resistant chromium carbide plates,chromium carbide tubes and alumina ceramic products.Chromium carbide products widely used in steel plants and cement plants.Alumina ceramic products widely used in mining units. Any more details,welcome to contact us:florahu@zbqishuai.cn
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Product Details

Details of the highly chromium carbide overlay plate

Cutting: Available plasma cutting, carbon arc, wheel saws will be a large area surfacing wear-resistant plate cut into the desired shape.

Bending: can be cold forming, according to need to change into the desired shape, or arc or circle.

Hole: Large hole can be used water or plasma cutting, small hole EDM recommended. Counterbored holes for mounting bolts can be cut with plasma or carbon arc.

Welding: surfacing wear-resistant substrate is a weldable good low-carbon steel, the need for two steel splicing, the first substrate can be welded together the back, and then with the corresponding hard-wearing electrode welding the front Layers filled up. Hard-faced wear plates can also be welded to other steel structures.

Plug welding: Plasma or carbon arc gouging can be used to make holes in the surfacing and wear-resistant plate and connect with other steel structures by means of plug welding.

Bolt Fixing: The bolt can be welded to the substrate of the wear plate by means of flash welding or melting welding, and then be linked with other pieces, or holes can be drilled in the wear plate and linked with other workpieces by bolts;

Surface processing: Surfacing wear plate surface generally do not need to process, to processing, processing methods are limited to grinding.

The use of welding rod and wire: Construction site often need to use electrodes and welding wire to fill the installation of seam limit, strengthen and repair serious wear and tear parts and so on.

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