Lined With Ceramic Rubber Linings

Lined With Ceramic Rubber Linings

Lined with ceramic rubber linings widely used in coal transportation, ash discharge systems of coal-fired power plants, and materials and materials for metallurgical steel industry. Lined with ceramic rubber linings can be twisted and cut, suitable for installing a variety of special-shaped equipment, and is wear-resistant and resistant to weak acid and alkali.
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Product Details


  • Place of Origin: Zibo, Shandong, China

  • Type: Ceramic Plates

  • Application: Industrial Ceramic

  • Material: Alumina Ceramic

  • Brand Name: Qishuai

  • Processing Service: Welding

  • Product Name: Lined with ceramic rubber linings

  • Shape: Square,hexgonal,cylindrical,rectangle

  • Tensile strength: >=15Mpa

  • Process: Hot vulcanizing process

  • Rubber Hardness: 55~60 Shore A

  • Feature: Excellent wear resistance

  • Raw Material: Alumina ceramic

  • Alumina Content: 92%

  • Elongation at Break: 450%

  • Ceramic Harness: ≥9 mohs 

Lined with ceramic rubber linings

Company Profile:

Shandong Qishuai is an expert in the supply of wear resistant materials in all fields to meet the customized requirements of various abrasion conditions in industry. 

For wear resistant hardfacing materials, heat treatment wear resistant steel, wear resistant castings and wear resistant ceramics and other wear resistant materials, we have professional technical personnel and experts to provide high quality and reasonable professional solutions. 

According to the various abrasion conditions of the industry, and long-term stable cooperation with well-known OEM factories in the industry, we provide services according to our high-quality product implementation standards.

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Sherly Shang


Tel/WhatsApp/Wechat: +8618142215886

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