Pipe Lining Tile

Pipe Lining Tile

Pipe lining tile is mainly used in a variety of equipment to transport a variety of high hardness, high wear particle materials, including electricity, heat, steel, coal, cement, mining, smelting, petroleum, building materials, chemicals, fans, paper, machinery, powder in the body engineering, grain machinery, tobacco and other industries, such as coal, conveying systems, milling systems, ash discharge, dust removal systems and other mechanical equipment. Depending on how it is combined with the metal substrate, ceramic lining plate can be used on the inner surface of stationary components, such as pipes, elbows, separators, chutes, valves, various housings, etc. Alumina ceramic tiles can also be used on high-speed rotating equipment, such as various fans. Rotor, impeller, drum, etc.
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 Professional and reliable factory you need

 Customised products according to clients requests.

 Nearly 10 years experience in wear resistant field.

 Rich experience in export, can save time for communication


1.Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are a professional manufacturer engaged in Wear resistant material many years.

2.What is your MOQ?

Our MOQ is 1 ton.

3.Can you provide sample for us?

Of course,small pieces of samples are provided

4.How can you get quotation?

Please kindly send me your drawing with technic requirement and demand quantity. We will quote our best price in 24 hours.

5.What is your packing?

We can provide all kinds of packing according to your request.

Packaging & Delivery

Carton boxes on wooden pallet.

Port: Qingdao

Lead Time: within 20 days after the production.

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