Rubber Ceramic Wear Linings

Rubber Ceramic Wear Linings

Rubber Ceramic Wear Linings
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The rubber ceramic wear linings produced by Shandong Qishuai use advanced vulcanization composite technology to vulcanize and composite high-purity white alumina ceramic plates, natural black rubber, and steel plates (with bolts).

The size and thickness can be customized according to customer requirements or according to the working conditions provided by customers to give technical guidance and formulate plans.

The rubber ceramic wear linings combine the advantages of high hardness of ceramics, high cushioning and anti-fatigue characteristics of rubber, and can solve the impact and wear problems of equipment in the transportation of bulk materials in bulk. 

The addition of rubber not only solves the problem of material impact on equipment, devices and pipelines during logistics, but also reduces noise.

Rubber ceramic  wear linings

The materials of rubber ceramic wear linings 


1. Material: NR

2. Gravity: 1.20 g/cm3

3. Tensile strength: 15 MPa

4. Hardness: 55 -60 Shore A

5. Elongation: 450%

6. Wear: ≤120mm3

7. Aging coefficient: 0.87 (70C°x 48h)

*Alumina ceramic

1. Material: Alumina

2. Gravity: 3.62 g/cm3

3. Color: white

4.AKRON wear: <0.093

5. Hardness (Mohs): 9

*Steel plate :4mm/5mm/6mm/10mm/20mm

Qishuai Wear-resistant Equipment Co., Ltd. The rubber ceramic wear linings have been devoted to the wear-resistant industry for more than ten years and has been exported to Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan and other more than ten countries and regions.

Adhering to the concept of quality first, integrity first, Qi Shuai has been recognized and praised by our customers.

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