Rubber Ceramic Wear Resistant Composite Lining

Rubber Ceramic Wear Resistant Composite Lining

Using an advanced thermal vulcanization process, the toughened and wear-resistant ceramics and rubber are vulcanized together, and the liner is bonded to the inner steel plate of the equipment with a high-strength organic binder to form a strong and cushioning wear layer.
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Characteristics of Rubber ceramic lining:

1.Wear resistant

    Alumina corundum ceramics, hardness of HRA85, wear resistance of 271.5 times than manganese steel;

2.Impact resistance

   Toughened ceramic formula ensures that the ceramics are not broken and can resist the impact of bulk materials;

3.High temperature resistant

   Can run at 0 ℃ to 250 ℃ for a long time;


   The adhesive that is used by ceramics is the patented product of qishuai, which is very strong. Each ceramic has a piercing bolt through the bottom steel plate, welded firmly, double insurance;

5.Convenient installation and replacement

   Use the entire lining board to provide convenient replacement and installation, and reduce after-sales service;

6.Reduce maintenance

   The high resistance to abrasion makes maintenance frequency greatly reduced, cost saving and labor saving.



1. Wear resistance, strong impact resistance, and noise reduction during material transfer.

2. Easy installation, no falling off, smooth and smooth, reducing material blocking

3.Strict rubber vulcanization process and product quality control process.

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