Rubber Ceramic

Rubber Ceramic

rubber ceramic have so many shapes.Square alumina ceramic,hex alumina tiles,cyliner alumina tiles consist of rubber ceramic used in some wear resistant industries.
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Description of the rubber ceramic

Ceramic rubber composite lining plate is a brick shape or cylindrical wear-resistant corundum ceramics embedded in special rubber, and CN.The rubber layer or welded steel plate heat vulcanization with connecting bolts forms a lining. The liner is suitable for various types of funnel.It has strong abrasion resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance. It is the most advanced wear-resisting vibration and noise reduction in China.Material, widely used in power plant, coal yard, mine, harbor wharf and other large bulk bulk disperses material conveying funnel, falling material The warehouse etc.

Features of wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite plate:

It has good cushioning performance and can effectively buffer the impact of ore from falling.

2. Convenient construction, no clearance after installation. The rubber composite liner can be twisted and cut, suitable for the installation of all kinds of special equipment

3. Non-sticking material: due to the high strength and corrosion resistance of ceramics, it effectively solves the phenomenon of material blocking material. Traditional nylon board is often touched, affecting work efficiency

4. The density of wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite plate is lower than steel plate, light weight and easy to replace

Leading sizes of the rubber ceramic

SizesLength/WidthCeramic ThicknessRubber ThicknessSteel Thickness

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