Rubber Composite Wear-resistant Ceramic Plate

Rubber Composite Wear-resistant Ceramic Plate

Rubber composite wear-resistant ceramic plate is made of 92% Al203 ceramic tiles. After dry pressing, it is sintered at high temperature of 1740 degrees in the kiln. Welcome customers to consult and negotiate! Helen Dong WhatsApp/WeChat/Tel:0086 13869392161
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Rubber composite wear-resistant ceramic plate is made of 92% Al203 ceramic tiles. After dry pressing, it is sintered at high temperature of 1740 degrees in the kiln.

Erosion wear conditions, wear resistant ceramic wear resistance is several dozen times the ordinary steel, natural rubber has good flexibility and aging resistance of more than 10 years, has a good damping shock resistance, corrosion resistance is superior to reduce the impact of the high altitude falling ore vulcanization technology advanced vulcanization equipment rubber sheet is exquisite, smooth, smooth.Will not cause blocking material, stick material.Ceramics and rubber adhere strongly and will not fall off!

rubber composite wear-resistant ceramic plate

Easy installation

Rubber composite wear-resistant ceramic plate density is lower than steel plate, light weight, easy to install steel plate impact three in one back increase steel plate, bolt fixation and countersinking hole welding two fixed methods, can meet the greater impact of ore

Shandong Qishuai Wear-resistant Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of alumina ceramics, surfacing wear-resistant composite plates and pipes. It is mainly engaged in wear-resistant ceramic liners, silicon carbide ceramic products, ceramic rubber wear-resistant liners, and wear-resistant rubber Sticky coatings, wear-resistant elbow pipes, surfacing wear-resistant composite liners, ceramic adhesives, etc., the company also undertakes the construction and maintenance of wear-resistant and anti-corrosion engineering for various industries.

Our company can be customized according to customer requirements of different sizes, specifications, thickness of ceramic rubber composite wear-resistant plate, according to the requirements of the drawing for cutting, crimping, punching, parts, and other processing.

Welcome customers to consult and negotiate!

Delivery and logistics within 24 hours of delivery, the company according to the quantity, the address will choose high-quality logistics.The freight of materials is to be paid on delivery. If the buyer has special requirements and needs to complete the work in advance, we can negotiate with your company to ensure that the requirements of your company are met in time.All products of the company are delivered upon payment, 3-7 days in central region, 7-15 days in Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and other regions, the above time does not include special circumstances.Since the order signed my company is the production, sales, construction of a comprehensive company.The company has signed the contract as the standard, allow to place an order in Alibaba, please contact us before placing the order, so as to avoid the wrong shot..On the color difference products are taken in kind.Due to factors such as computer monitor, photo light or personal recognition of color, there will be a small deviation between the picture and the real object. The color difference does not affect the use of the product, and the color difference is not regarded as a product quality problem.About the return of products provided by our company if there is a quality problem, in the case of no use, unconditional return, such as not quality problems are not returned.If you have any questions, please communicate with the owner.Technical Services We assign professional engineers to provide on-site maintenance and operation training for the responsible units without limitation of personnel.

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