Steel Plate

Steel Plate

wear resistant steel plate(Include wear resistant chromium carbide plate,wear resistant cladding plate,hardfacing plate,wear resistant cco plate)is the mainly products in Qishuai.QS have aalmost 10 years experience in wear resistant products.
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Product Details

Description of the wear resistant CCO plate

High abrasion performance: fully automatic CNC plate equipment, do not rely on manual welding technology, to produce a fully qualified products with high quality, special automatic welding technology to control the wear-resisting layer of chromium content more than 28%, the hardness between 58-62HRC, fully guarantee the wear-resisting layer of we have a sustained and balanced good abrasion resistance. The wear test of metallurgy, cement and other industries proves that the wearability of the abrasion resistant layer is more than 30 times the equivalent thickness of 16Mn plate.

Nominal Chemical Analysis (%):

Cr C Mn Si Other Hardness
24%-30% 4%-5% 0.5%-2.5% 0.5%-1.5% Less than 2% 58-62HRC


Welding wire diameter Cladding Arc welding process High abrasion resistance in temperature
Φ2.8mm Hardfacing Open-Arc ≤800℃
Macro hardness Hardness tolerances Thickness tolerances Welding direction
58-62HRC -0/+1,5 HRC -0/+1 mm Lengthways of the plate

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