Steel Wear Resistant Plate

Steel Wear Resistant Plate

Steel wear resistant plate with 58-62 hardness and 25% chromium layer. Mainly products are as below: 1500*3000*5+3,1500*3000*6+4,1500*3000*6+6,1500*3000*8+5,1500*3000*8+6,1500*3000*8+8
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Product Details

Description of the steel wear resistant plate

Main products:

Wear-resisting tube, composite wear-resistant steel plate(steel wear resistant plate), wear-resisting material cutting, forming. Wear-resistant steel plates are commonly used in specifications: 5+ 3, 6+4 6+6 8+8 +8 +8 +8 +8 10+8 10+10 12+6 12+4 12+ 8, etc.

Application scope:

Metallurgical industry: chute, fan, skateboard, slag removal pipe, blast furnace top hopper.

Coal industry: the cone wear-resisting lining of the wheel bucket excavator, the hopper, the mine lifting skip, the pipe of the coal washing plant, the chute.

Electric power industry: fan blade, burner line, piling hopper, coal dust conveying pipe, coal powder distributor, chute, and unloading equipment liner. Composite plate welding layer material evenly, appearance rules, the wear-resisting layer of carbide in the microstructure distribution is fibrous, and vertical surface, the surface hardness can reach above HRC63, hard alloy, high content of chromium carbide wear-resistant composite board applies to wear very severe environment.

Technical details of the steel wear resistant plate


  Chemical Composition

Take 12mm wear deposite for example:

C :  4.3-4.8%    Cr : 23-30%   

Mn : 0.8-1.1%   Mo: 0.08-0.18  Ni:0.08-0.15

Other Metal elements : Micro

         Base Plate

Q235B, All weldable steels, mostly structural steels.

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