Three-in-one Rubber Ceramic Liner Wear-resistant Ceramic Plate

Three-in-one Rubber Ceramic Liner Wear-resistant Ceramic Plate

There-in-one rubber ceramic liners has the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The wear resistant rubber ceramic composite plate can be widely used in coal handling, milling and powder conveying systems of thermal power plants and large material conveying systems. The lining of hoppers is anti-wear for all kinds of special-shaped equipment and pipelines. The ideal material for the lining.
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Wear-resistant ceramic lining three-in-one rubber ceramic lining plate

The wear-resistant corundum ceramic lining is a new product developed by our company. The wear-resistant corundum ceramic is a special ceramic which is made of Al2O3 main raw material, supplemented with rare metal oxide and other solvents, and fired at a high temperature of 1700 °C. 


Composite Ceramic Wear Liners can be supplied as standard pads, or cut panels to meet customer drawings and specifications, or can be custom engineered to ensure maximum suitability for your specific application.

Application of  vulcanized rubber ceramic liners with steel plate: 

Steel plant raw material conveying pipeline; receiving pipeline; dust removal pipeline; ash discharge pipeline; falling ash pipeline; batch mixing pipeline; grinding outlet pipeline; coal-fired pipeline; pulverized coal pipeline; separator pipeline; burner pipeline; Cylinder mixer liner; disc mixer liner; separator outlet pipe; separator lining; separator inlet pipe; dust collection liner; vertical mill outlet pipe liner.


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