Wear Abrasion Composite Liner Plate

Wear Abrasion Composite Liner Plate

Wear abrasion composite liner plate is a kind of wear resistant plate and widely used in mining companies,steels,power plants and cement plants. Any more informations,pls contact me:florahu@zbqishuai.com
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Description of wear abrasion composite liner plate

Double metal composite surfacing high chromium wear-resistant steel substrate for low carbon steel or low alloy ductile material such as stainless steel, demonstrate the superiority of bimetal, wear-resisting layer of abrasion resistance of medium wear and substrate under medium load, thus has a good resistance to impact. It can withstand the shock and wear of high drop hopper in the material conveying system. Alloy wear-resisting layer is recommended to use under the working condition of 600 ℃ or less use, if add vanadium in alloy wear-resisting layer, such as molybdenum alloy, can withstand the high temperature of 800 ℃ or less wear and tear. Recommended temperature is as follows: ordinary carbon steel substrate recommended is not higher than 380 ℃ condition of use; Low alloy heat-resistant steel plate (15 crmo, 12 cr1mov, etc.) recommended base plate is not higher than 540 ℃ condition of use; Heat resistant stainless steel substrates recommend used at not higher than 800 ℃ condition.

Technicals of the wear abrasion composite liner plate

Product Name

wear abrasion composite liner plate



Base Plate




Chemical Composition

C(%):4.0-5.0 Cr(%): 25-40

Hardfacing layer

High chromium high carbide overlay

Surface Treatment

Hardfacing, clading, c



Hardfacing, open arc welding, submerged arc welding

Wear Resistance

High wear resistance


3+3,4+4,5+5,6+4,6+5,6+6,8+4, etc. Customer ' s requirement


Concrete industry,metallurgy, cement industry, oil & Gas industry, coal power plant , steel industry, coal mining industry, etc.

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