Wear Acid Ceramic For Mine Hopper.

Wear Acid Ceramic For Mine Hopper.

Our products can be used in mining, cement, steel, energy and other fields.Our wear-resistant products can be used in serious wear and tear
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description of Wear acid resistant ceramic wear linging brick for mine hopper.

High density alumina ceramic wear resistant tiles&linings and abrasion resistant tiles prevent destructive wear in conveying, processing, and storage equipment. Made from high purity, fine grain, alpha aluminum oxide, a material almost diamond hard, win wear resistant linings can be formed in a variety of pre-engineered standard and custom sizes and shapes.



shaped components, or thin tiles laid in epoxy or welded attachment. win ceramic tiles vulcanized into rubber mats for installation by gluing are available.

Application temperature: 

1600 ℃ depending on application and geometry.


highly wear resistant, smooth surface that lasts, no corrosion, available from 3mm thickness.

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