Wear Alumina Ceramic Resistant Plates

Wear Alumina Ceramic Resistant Plates

Wear-resistant ceramic plate adopts the non-directional steel fiber reinforcement measure, the fracture toughness is strong, can effectively prevent the damage caused by the impact and peeling.
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Wear-resistant ceramic plates USES: thermal power, steel, smelting, machinery, coal, mining, chemical, cement, port terminals, and other enterprises of the coal transporting system, pulverizing system, ash discharge and dust removal system all wear large mechanical equipment wear resistant material.

Wear-resistant ceramic chip feature is the consumer should understand, different model of wear-resistant ceramic chip its characteristic also slightly different.


alumina ceramic brick


There is no environmental pollution.

1.For inorganic non-metallic materials, the main component of silicate and the composition of the earth's lithosphere are a kind of green environmental protection products, without causing deterioration of soil and pollution of heavy metal ions, without affecting ecological environment. .

2. Ceramic tile has excellent toughness and impact resistance.

The wear resistant ceramic plate adopts non-oriented steel fiber reinforcement measures, has high fracture toughness and can effectively prevent damage due to impact and peeling.

Adopt the acid resistance and alkali resistance of the synthetic raw materials, the reaction does not react to complete the slag structure, the effect of environmental temperature, it is not a major cause, inert materials belong to the environment, sensitivity to the environment.


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