Wear Carbide Hardfacing Steel Tube

Wear Carbide Hardfacing Steel Tube

Chromium Carbide Overlay Steel Pipe is chromium carbide overlay on the inside diameter of the standard wall pipe,which is composed of the wear base material and the wear layer, the wear layer can’t fall off, and can bear stronger impact.
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Wear Carbide Hardfacing Steel Tube

1. High wear resistance:

Wear-resistant steel plate wear-resistant layer thickness 3-12mm, wear-resistant layer hardness can reach HRC58-62, wear resistance is 15-20 times higher than ordinary steel plate, low alloy steel plate performance 5-10 times higher, is high chromium cast iron The wear resistance is 2-5 times or more, and the wear resistance is much higher than that of spray welding and thermal spraying.

2. Very good value for money:

The price of wear-resistant steel plate is higher than that of ordinary materials, but considering the service life of the product, considering the cost, spare parts cost and downtime loss, the performance price ratio is much higher than ordinary steel plates and other materials.

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3. Machinability: 

can be welded, cut, curled, punched.

4. Connectivity:

It can be welded on the inner wall of seamless steel pipe, or it can be rolled from the production of wear-resistant steel plate by surfacing, and the rolled steel pipe has a weld bead.

Wear-resistant pipe industry application:

(1) Mine: Mine filling, concentrate powder and tailings transportation are seriously worn on the elbow. The service life of the previously used ore powder conveying pipeline is less than one year, and the life of the tube can be increased by about 5 times.

(2) Coal: The coal transportation and long-distance pipeline coal transportation are generally carried out by wet method. The conveying pipe is required to be both wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The pipe can be used as a long-life conveying pipe with considerable economic benefits.

(3) Wear-resistant elbows have good wear resistance and heat resistance. It is suitable for conveying corrosive media containing corrosive materials of solid particles as well as high temperature corrosive gases and hot water containing sulfur.

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