Wear Chromium Carbide Plates

Wear Chromium Carbide Plates

The bimetallic (meaning two types of metals) product starts with standard steel base plate that is then fused or overlaid with chromium carbide. chromium carbide metal lurgically bonds to the steel’s surface to form a protective and durable surface that will not separate from the base metal. Chromium carbide overlay steel plate is extremely hard, resistant to both wear and impact, and withstands high temperatures.
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Wear resistant composite plate can be cut, leveling, punching, bending, and curly. Composite board can weld into various engineering structures or components. Composite panels can be heated by mould pressing into complex shapes. Wear resistant composite steel plate can be fixed by bolts or welding on the device, very convenient to replace and maintain.


Wear-resistant composite substrate for low carbon steel or low alloy steel and other ductile materials,  reflecting the superiority of double metal abrasion and wear resistant wear layer media. Substrate has good impact resistance; Material handling system can withstand impact and abrasion under high drop hopper mining conditions.


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