Wear Chromium Carbide Steel Plate

Wear Chromium Carbide Steel Plate

The chromium carbide alloy hardfacing plate produced by the company adopts surfacing technology to realize the metallurgical combination of the wear layer and the substrate. According to the thickness of the wear-resistant layer and the different working conditions and environments, the surface hardness of the board is 55-62HRC, which is mainly used in the mining, steel, cement, and thermoelectric industries.
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Chromium carbide wear-resistant alloy plate is composed of Q235 carbon steel substrate and chromium carbide as the main component of wear-resistant surfacing layer. The open arc surfacing technology adopted by the company, the hardness of the plate can reach 55-62HRC. The alloy plate is an ideal wear-resistant material with high wear resistance and good impact resistance, suitable for most conditions Environment, such as steel plants, cement plants, mining and dressing, coal industry, etc. This wear-resistant product has been recognized by customers in many industries at home and abroad, and has been widely used.

Wear resistant chromium carbide plate

As long as you provide your working environment information or the drawings or requirements of the required products, our company has a professional team to provide you with wear-resistant solutions and produce the wear-resistant products you need.

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