Wear Plate CCO Steel Plate

Wear Plate CCO Steel Plate

Qishuai Company are experts at cutting, fabricating, welding, forming and processing wear resistant, impact and abrasion resistant steel and alloy plate.
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High quality workmanship, meeting delivery schedules and value are important at Qishuai Company. Our wear resistant and abrasion resistant steel and alloy plate metalworking experience, custom industrial equipment fabrication services, specialized equipment, heavy steel fabrication capabilities, engineering and manufacturing services are just a few of the reasons why our customers rely on Qishuai to complete their wear resistant and abrasion resistant steel and alloy plate fabrication projects on time.



Conveyors, Conveyor Parts and Components

Cones, Shells, Cylinders, Channels, Vessels and Tanks

Dump Truck and Dumper Bodies

Loading Buckets and Bulldozers



Front Loaders

Heavy Equipment Liners

Bridge Plates, Base Plates and Gusset Plates

Liner Plates

Coal and Rock Screens

Wear Resistant Parts and Components

Impact Resistant Parts

Bed Liners

Bucket Liners and Lips

Excavating Equipment and Machine Parts and Components

Loader Cutting Blades

Structural Steel Stiffeners

Drag Bucket Wear Plates

Mixer and Mixing Parts and Components

Dirt and Stone Moving Equipment

Equipment Used in Highly Abrasive Environments

Mining and Quarrying Equipment Parts and Components

Cement Equipment Parts and Components

Concrete Mixing Plant Equipment

Aggregate Equipment and Container Parts and Components

Ground Engaging Equipment and Applications

Lip Plates for Earth-Moving Machines

Material Handling Equipment Parts and Components

Construction Equipment Parts and Components

Buffer Bins

Wear Parts For Mining Machines

Earth-moving Equipment Parts and Components

Recycling Equipment Parts and Components

Hoppers, Feeders and Funnels

Pulverizing Equipment Parts and Components

Crane Booms and Crane Arms

Lifting Equipment Parts and Components

Load Handling Equipment Parts and Components

Industrial Shredding Equipment


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