Wear Plate Manufacturers

Wear Plate Manufacturers

wear resistant hardfacing plate/wear resistant bimetal plate/wear resistant plate supplied by Qishuai with very nice quality.
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Product Details

Descriptions of the wear resistant chromium carbide plates

Composite bimetal surfacing welding wear plate

Principle: the chromium - resistant composite steel plate is composed of Q235B plate + chromium alloy wear-resistant layer.

Method: the wear-resistant layer adopts open arc welding or submerged arc welding

Performance: special self - protection - arc welding wire is uniformly fused to different thickness of steel substrate

Composition: the composite wear-resistant laminated plate made from the composite alloy. Wear-resistant layer material is similar to high chromium cast iron

Hardness: surface hardness HRC: 58-62

Thickness: can produce different thickness according to different usage situation. Common specifications: 6+ 4, 6+ 6, 8+ 4, 8+6mm

Details of the wear resistant hardfacing plate

Properties: 1. Dual performance with high hardness material and toughness material, can withstand moderate impact and vibration, prevent shedding.

2. Compared with other kinds of alloy steel plate, casting wear-resisting board, ceramic, cast stone, rubber and polyurethane, it has good wear resistance, high toughness and arbitrary machining.

3. Convenient installation, cutting, welding, punching and bending.

4. Used for different occasions, the wear-resisting property is 10 -- 15 times that of ordinary wear-resistant materials.

5. High temperature resistance, can be used in 550 degrees, does not affect wear resistance.

Nominal Chemical Analysis (%):

24%-30%4%-5%0.5%-2.5%0.5%-1.5%Less than 2%58-62HRC


Welding wire diameterCladdingArc welding processHigh abrasion resistance in temperature
Macro hardnessHardness tolerancesThickness tolerancesWelding direction
58-62HRC-0/+1,5 HRC-0/+1 mmLengthways of the plate