Wear Resistant Alloy Bimetal Plates

Wear Resistant Alloy Bimetal Plates

The chrome carbide wear resistant plate produced by our company is made by surfacing process. The surfacing process is as follows: On the substrates of medium and low carbon steel such as Q235 or A3,overlay one or more layers of wear-resistant alloys containing a large amount of chromium carbide hard particles, and add some special elements to form a hard wear resistant layer.
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Chromium carbide alloy plate, the wear-resistant surfacing layer is one or more wear-resistant layers formed by welding welding wire of chromium carbide component on ordinary carbon steel plate (Q235). The wear-resistant layer and the substrate are combined by metallurgy, the wear-resistant layer will melt and penetrate into the substrate 1-2mm, and the maximum metallurgical bond strength test data is 350Mpa.



The overall plate size is ≤1500mm in width and length ≤3500mm.

We can manufacture wear resistant plates in different sizes、specifications and thicknesses according to customer requirements, and also can cut、bend、curl and splice weld into various engineering structural parts or components according to customer drawings.

This structural parts or component can be installed by direct welding、planting and welding bolts, punching hole or countersunk hole.

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