Wear-resistant Alloy Plate

Wear-resistant Alloy Plate

chromium carbide weld overlay wear plate ’ base material is Q235 steel sheet, it can ensure the chromium carbide overlay plate’s toughness and plasticity, and can offer the strength of resistance to external forces, may take welding,plug welding,bolt connection and other variety of ways to connect with other structure ,the connector is firm, and not easily to fall off, the attended mode is more than other material.
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Product Description:

QS bimetal composite wear-resistant lining is a kind of high wear-resistant composite material. It is a high-strength alloy layer deposited on the whole steel sheet of low carbon steel by fully automatic metal arc surfacing method.

wear resistant alloy plate

The bimetal composite wear-resistant steel plate is composed of a low-carbon steel plate and an alloy wear-resistant layer. The working body provides comprehensive strength against the external force, such as strength and toughness, and the wear-resistant layer of the alloy provides wear resistance that meets the requirements of the specified working conditions.

Main Thickness of hardfacing overlay plate

5+3,6+4,8+6,10+10,12+12,etc (or as your requirement)

Plate size of hardfacing overlay plate

Length:3000mm     Width:600-1500mm    (size can be customized)

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