Wear-resistant Alumina Ceramic

Wear-resistant Alumina Ceramic

The wear-resistant alumina ceramic is made of AL2O3 by dry pressing and calcined at 1700 °C with rare metal oxide (yttrium oxide, rare earth etc.) as flux。
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The wear-resistant alumina ceramic is made of AL2O3 by dry pressing and calcined at 1700 °C with rare metal oxide (yttrium oxide, rare earth etc.) as flux


1. High hardness.

Its Rockwell hardness is HRA80-90, hardness second only to diamond.

2. High wear resistance

Its theoretical wear resistance is equivalent to 260 times of manganese steel and 170 times of high chromium cast iron. Such as 1080 skip car, its 24-hour loading capacity is 3500-4000 tons. If using 30mm thickness of manganese steel as wear-resistant plate, the service life is 3 months, but using our 20mm thickness of wear-resistant ceramic plate, its service life can easily reach 12 months.

3. Light weight.

Only half steel in the weight , so greatly reduce the equipment load.

4. Corrosion resistance.

It is inorganic oxides with extremely stable molecular structure and no electrochemical corrosion, so it can resist erosion of acids,alkali, salt solutions and organic solvents.

5. Smooth surface.

It has the properties of smooth and adhesion, the roughness is only 1/6 that of steel pipes thus less flow Resistance.


In high wear environment, high alumina ceramics are used as wear-resistant lining to protect the main equipment due to the heavy wear of the equipment during material transmission. High Alumina ceramics can withstand longer wear than other wear-resistant products.


Our product was praised with good quality and competitive price by customers. We have exported to Australia, Russia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Pakistan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan,etc.


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