Wear Resistant Bimetal Carbide Overlay Plate

Wear Resistant Bimetal Carbide Overlay Plate

Chromium carbide wear-resistant plate. One or more layers of abrasion-resistant alloy containing a large amount of chromium carbide hard particles are deposited on the substrate of the carbon steel plate to form a hard wear-resistant layer.
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Q235 carbon steel plate is used as the substrate, and one or more layers of wear-resistant alloys are deposited on the substrate. The alloy is mainly a large number of chromium carbide hard particles, which are combined into a sheet with high hardness and high wear resistance through metallurgy Wear-resistant alloy plate

wear alloy plate

Production process: open arc welding.

According to the thickness and application of the wear-resistant layer, the surface hardness of the wear-resistant alloy is HRC55-62, and the thickness of the wear-resistant layer is uniform. We can customize wear-resistant plates of different sizes, different specifications and thicknesses according to customer requirements.

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