Wear Resistant Bimetal Chromium Carbide Plate

Wear Resistant Bimetal Chromium Carbide Plate

The wear-resistant alloy plate adopts a bimetal structure, and there is a metallurgical bond between the wear-resistant layer and the base material.This wear plate has high wear resistance, high temperature resistance and impact resistance, and is a good wear resistance material.
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Product Description:

The chromium carbide wear-resistant plate produced by our company is made by the overlay welding process. On the substrate of Q235 / A3 and other low-carbon steel plates, one or more layers of wear-resistant alloy containing a large amount of chromium carbide hard particles are deposited and add some special elements to form a hard wear-resistant layer.

wear alloy plate

Regular thickness: 

3+3, 5+3, 6+4, 6+6, 8+5, 8+6, 10+6, 8+8, 10+8, 10+10, 12+12.


The overall plate size is generally: width ≤1500mm,length ≤3500mm. We can customize wear-resistant plates of different sizes, different specifications and thicknesses according to customer requirements, and can cut, bend, and curl wear-resistant plates according to customer drawings , Tailor-made welding into a variety of engineering structural parts or components.

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