Wear Resistant Bimetal Hardfacing tube

Wear Resistant Bimetal Hardfacing tube

Wear Resistant Plate, Compound Steel, Bimetallic Metal manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Wear Resistant Bimetal Composite Plate Corc-G Plate, Aluminium-Stainless Steel Electrical Transition Joints for Aluminium Smelter with Explosive Bonding Technology, Bimetal Tube Sheet Joints Heat Exchanger and so on.
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Product Details

Basic Informations

  • Type: Wear Resistant Bimetal Hardfacing tubes

  • Certification: ISO, SGS

  • Technique: hardfacing,welding,coated

  • Special Use: wear resistant tube

  • Size: Customized Specification

  • Specification: SGS ISO

  • Standard: ASTM, GB, DIN

  • Surface Treatment: hardfacing

  • Application: mining,steel,power plants,cement plants

  • Trademark: QS

  • Origin:Zibo, China

Product Description

Wear Resistant Bimetal Hardfacing tube can be made into a standard-sized pipe, which is light in weight and convenient in processing and flexible. Due to the use of a soft base pipe, it can be cut with a heat source such as plasma or carbon arc, which can be welded and welded to make the field welding work time-saving and convenient. Therefore, this material conforms to the current mainstream of the international manufacturing industry to replace the cast structure with welded structures and reduce the structural weight.

Since the Wear Resistant Bimetal Hardfacing tube and wear-resistant composite steel pipe adopts a low-carbon steel pipe with good plasticity, it is metallurgically bonded and welded together with the wear-resistant layer, and can absorb a large amount of energy during the impact process, and thus has strong resistance. Impact performance and crack resistance can be applied to conditions with strong vibration and impact. Since the centrifugally cast base pipe and the wear-resistant layer are centrifugally casted by molten iron, the base pipe and the wear-resistant layer are physically separated by delamination, so the wear resistance layer has poor toughness and the bonding strength with the base pipe is very low. The wear layer is easily broken and peeled off during impact during loading, unloading, installation, and production.

Advantages in Wear Resistant Bimetal Hardfacing tube

Improve economic efficiency: reduce downtime, increase equipment operation rate, increase equipment operation rate, reduce production and maintenance loss, increase production capacity, increase efficiency

2. Reduce production cost: maintenance cost, reduce wear and tear, reduce equipment capacity and increase power consumption, reduce The number of workers, long-term investment benefits, cost-effective;

3. Improve the production environment: greatly reduce wear and tear, damage to the environment, avoid pollution, environmental protection, and help the factory clean;

4. Protect workers' health: reduce the bad Environmental working hours, reducing high-altitude and narrow space operations, reducing work intensity

5. Significant social benefits: greatly reducing the use of ordinary steel plate materials, scientific and technological progress brings comprehensive social benefits. Wear-resistant steel plate wear-resistant layer thickness 3-12mm, wear-resistant layer hardness can reach HRC60-67, wear resistance is 15-20 times higher than ordinary steel plate, low alloy steel plate performance 5-10 times higher, is high chromium cast iron The wear resistance is 2-5 times or more, and the wear resistance is much higher than that of spray welding and thermal spraying.