Wear Resistant Bimetal Overlay Plate

Wear Resistant Bimetal Overlay Plate

Wear resistant bimetal overlay plate widely used in some wear resistant industry field.Especially in mining units. More details,please call me:8618766918053
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Wear resistant bimetal overlay plate

1. The chrome plate is a kind of the spray welding technology to produce the high wear resistance, resistance to erosion of composite materials

2. The wear-resisting layer with high hardness has good wear-resistant performance, and  the substrate  have most widely using because of its moderate carbon, good comprehensive performance , strength and welding

3.This plate can be easily formed to suit curves and contours. Welded studs or countersunk inserts can be fitted so the plates can easily replaceable.

4.The chromium carbide allow this wear plate to be supported under extreme wear and strong impact including of truck deck liners, hoppers, shutes

5.The substrate is not fixed, the plate can be chose according to customers needing. Different thickness is allowed according to your demand.

Charactures of the wear resistant bimetal overlay plate

1.high wear resistance( 25 times than Q235/mild steel ,10 times than 16nm,5 times than mn360)

2.long service life(40 times longer than mild steel pate,10 times longer than manganese steel plate,3-4 times longer than hardox)   

3.high heat resistance(Q235 base plate less than 480°C,low alloy heat resistant base plate less than 540°C,SS heat resistant base plate less than 800°C)

Wear resistant bimetal hardfacing plates

Common container shipping:

     1) Small diameter: Weight >Measurement
                      a. Length: ≤5.8m, loaded in 20FT Container, Max 27tons
                      b. Length: ≤11.8m, loaded in 40 FT Container, Max 27tons
                      c. Length: ≥12m, shipped by bulk vessel. FILO terms
     2) Big dimater: Weight<Measurement, loaded as per container size
                     a. Size of 20 FT Container(inside :5898*2352*2350mm)
                     b. Size of 40FT Container(inside: 12024*2352*2395mm)   

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