Wear Resistant Bimetal Plate

Wear Resistant Bimetal Plate

Wear resistnt bimetal plate,wear resitant hardfacing plate,wear resistant chromium carbide plates manufactured by Shandong Qishuai Wear Resistant Equipment Co.,Ltd. 5+3,6+4,8+5,10+10 are very popular in cement plants and minings.Welcome to know more detail:florahu@zbqishuai.cn
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wear resistant bimetal plate applications:

1, Wear-resistant power plant applications: Separator wear-resistant, wear-resistant shell mill, wind ring blades, roller sheath, hopper

Slag machine slag floor, scraper wear

2, wear plate cement plant applications: raw mill shell protection, powder wear-resistant blades, roller skin wear sets, raw material drop tube,

Roll cover machine blanking wear cylinder, the inner shield, raw material feeding nozzle, clinker cutting material, belt conveyor hopper

Grinding station back to feed pipe, back to the material elbow, broken hammer hammer, rupture wear guard

Waste heat power generation hot air duct isolation valve, anti-flue

3, Wear-resistant coal mines with: Tailings wear-resistant conveyor slag, wear-resisting slag falling bucket, Scraper machine central groove wear, coal preparation plant board, the election material disc wear

4, FRP wear plate: glass loading and unloading wear tank, loading hopper wear hopper, blast furnace hopper

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