Wear Resistant Bimetallic Plate

Wear Resistant Bimetallic Plate

QS is the manufacture focus on wear resistant products.Chromium carbide products and alumina ceramic products.QS served so many mining companies,steel plants,cement plants,power plants all over the world.
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wear resistant bimetallic plate

Ingredients: made of hypereutectic alloy composite wear-resistant laminate. Wear layer material is similar to high-chromium cast(wear resistant bimetallic plate)

Hardness: Surface hardness HRC: 58-62

Thickness: According to different occasions to produce different thickness. Common specifications: 4 +4,6 +4,6 +6,8 +4,8 +6,8 +8,10 +4,10 +6,10 +10,12 +12,14 +6, etc.

characteristic of the wear resistant bimetallic plate:

1, with dual properties of high hard materials and ductile materials, can withstand moderate impact and vibration, to prevent falling off.

2, Compared with other alloy steel plates, cast wear plates, ceramics, cast stone, rubber, polyurethane, etc., it has good wear resistance, high toughness and can be processed at will.

3, easy installation, cutting, welding, drilling, bending.

4, used in different occasions, abrasion resistance is 10-15 times the ordinary wear-resistant materials.

5, high temperature, can be used at 550 degrees, does not affect the wear resistance.