Wear Resistant Carbide Plate

Wear Resistant Carbide Plate

3+3,6+4,6+6,5+3,8+5,8+6 and the others wear resistant carbide plates are manufactured in China.We can produce all kinds of products according to customers drawiings and requests.
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Product Details

Description of the wear resistant carbide plate

wear resistant carbide plate is made of powder metallurgy composite technology and hard surfacing technology. It is made of carbon-arc welding and surfacing equipment. It is used for surfacing high-boron alloy cast iron materials on common low-carbon or low-alloy steel plates with good plasticity. It can be made into different thickness wear layers according to customer requirements and different working conditions. The wear layer is due to the arc welding stress dispersion, the surface produces fine cracks, this crack will not spread to the substrate, does not affect the wear resistance.

Sprcifications of the wear resistant carbide plate

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