Wear Resistant Carbide Plates

Wear Resistant Carbide Plates

Wear Resistant Carbide Plates are make it by base plate and welding plate.the mainly composition are FE,Chrome,carbon and others compositions.It is widely used in cement plants.Welcome to contact us!
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Product Details

Description of the chromium carbide plate

Principle: Chromium carbide wear-resistant composite steel plate is composed of Q235B steel plate + chromium carbide alloy gold wear layer.


Method: the wear layer is made of open arc welding or submerged arc welding. The arc welding is more wear-resistant, but there will be cracks on the surface.


Performance: Special self-protecting arc welding wire is uniformly fused to steel substrates of different thicknesses with less cracks, high hardness and longer life.


Ingredients: Made of hypereutectic alloy composite wear-resistant laminate. The wear layer material is similar to high chromium cast iron.


Hardness: surface hardness HRC: 58-62


Thickness: Different thicknesses can be produced according to different applications. Common specifications: 6+4, 6+6, 8+4, 8+6, 10+4, 10+6

Technical details of the wear resistant carbide plates

wear resistant carbide plates.png

 main composition(wt%) of wear resstant chromium carbide overlay plate

Plate Size

3000*1800mm or as request
Hardness55 ~ 67HRC
Surface Cr %24%-30%
Othersless 2%

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wear resistant carbide plates (3).png