Wear Resistant CCO Steel Plate

Wear Resistant CCO Steel Plate

High chromium alloy hardfacing composite panel is a new type of high wear resistant composite. This is a new process for automatic metal arc surfacing, forming a eutectic high chromium alloy wear layer on the entire substrate of Q235.
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In the cement industry production, a large amount of steel is consumed due to various mechanical wear. According to statistics, China's cement production is about 1 billion tons / year, and the annual consumption of steel in the cement industry is about 2 million tons. Among them, mechanical wear consumes more than 90% of steel, which is about 1.8 million tons. Therefore, the reasonable selection of wear-resistant materials is of great significance for reducing wear, reducing steel consumption, and saving energy for sustainable development.Our company's Wear Resistant CCO Steel Plate is used in various types of powder separator blades, vertical mill linings, wind guide cones, conveying pipes, vibrating screens, silos, etc.

Wear Resistant CCO Steel Plate

The Features of Wear Resistant CCO Steel Plate:

The wear test shows that the Wear Resistant CCO Steel Plate is 10-30 times higher than that of the ordinary steel plate, and is 5 times higher than that of the cast stainless steel and high manganese steel.

So this plate owns the high wear resistance and impact resistance


According to the design requirements to provide users with wear-resistant spare parts made of wear-resistant composite panels, such as high-efficiency powder selection wear parts in cement machinery, mill liners, mixer blades, fan blades, mill rolls,etc.

Directly provide the user with the surfacing board, the user will cut the material by himself, and the welding will complete the on-site construction project, such as silo, chute, big bucket,etc.

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