Wear-resistant Ceramic Drum Series

Wear-resistant Ceramic Drum Series

Compared with the traditional rubber roller coating, our newly developed ceramic roller coating has better performance, higher cost performance, more convenient installation, anti-skid and deviation, and is widely used in various working conditions.
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Product Details

Product Description:

Ceramic drum rubber coating is the latest cost-effective product developed by our company. It can replace traditional rubber and enhance the service life of the product. It is widely used in various industrial conveying systems.


Performance characteristics:

1. The high abrasion resistance of the surface ceramics is used on the belt drum, which increases the coefficient of friction with the belt and can prevent the belt from slipping.

2. It has a wide range of working conditions and is not easily affected by temperature and weather. It is also suitable for extreme conditions such as high wear, easy skid, and humid environment.

3. Easy installation, no need for disassembly and assembly of the drum, it can be guaranteed to be installed online on site, and it takes about 3 hours to install one.