Wear Resistant Ceramic Linings

Wear Resistant Ceramic Linings

Qishuai supplies wear resistant Alumina ceramic tiles & linings; these products have been proven to drastically reduce wear in conveying, processing, and storage equipment. Our tiles can be ordered to a variety of material specifications & sizes to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. Wear resistant ceramic linings have the ability to improve production performance, increase efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and increase profits.
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Low wear loss 92%  alumina weldable ceramic tiles linings with holes are sintered on high temperature of more than 1530℃,  with high-purity ultra-fine alumina powder as raw material according to optimized formulation design. They are usually installed upon the wear areas of some material conveying equipments, coal preparation equipments and so on to be used as the material contact surface to bear the following abrasion and impact.

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By using an incredibly hard material like Alumina ceramic to acts as a sacrificial lining, the main structure is preserved and the Alumina is able to withstand the abrasion for much longer periods of time before needing to be replaced.

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