Abrasion Ceramic Lining Plate

Abrasion Ceramic Lining Plate

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Features of the abrasion ceramic lining plate

Wear resistance: high quality alumina corundum ceramics with high hardness of HRA85, at least 10 times longer service life;

Resistance to impact: toughened ceramic formula ensures that the ceramics are not broken easily, unique spherical design and high quality buffer layer can resist the impact of bulk materials;

not blocking material: self-lubricating ceramic formula, unique vulcanization technology, ensure that the lining surface is smooth and unblocked;

good temperature adaptability: can run long in - 50 ℃ to 100 ℃, usually transporting system can be satisfied;

anti-loss: ceramic rubber sheet vulcanized, the combination is very strong;

 installation and replacement are convenient: it is easy to replace and install with bolted block liner.

reduce maintenance: high resistance to abrasion makes maintenance frequency greatly reduced, cost saving and labor saving

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