Alumina Ceramic Lining

Alumina Ceramic Lining

Alumina ceramic linings(pipe lining tiles)are very popular in some industries.wear resistant alumina ceramic have very good wear resistant and hardness.They are protect the equipments very well and prolong the equipments.
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Alumina Ceramic Lining

Descriptions of the alumina ceramic lining

Alumina ceramic lining(wear resistant alumina ceramic,alumina ceramic mat,wear resistant AL2O3 brick,abrasion ceramic lining plate,alumina tiles,ceramic wear tiles,pipe Lining Tile) have excellent wear resistant and very good hardness.Pipe lining tiles widely used in some wear resistant tubes and wear resistant equipments.Then protect the equipment and prolong equipments life.

Features of the pipe lining tile

1. There is no environmental pollution. For inorganic non-metallic materials, the main composition of silicate, and the earth's lithosphere composition similar, not cause soil degradation and heavy metal ions pollution, will not affect the ecological environment, is a kind of green environmental protection product.

2. Ceramic tablets have excellent toughness and shock resistance. The ceramic wear-resistant coating adopts the non-directional steel fiber reinforcement measure, the fracture toughness is strong, can effectively prevent the damage and peeling caused by the impact.

3. Ceramic tablets have high mechanical strength.

Compatibility is good. Adopt the acid and alkali resistance of synthetic raw materials, will not react and slag structure is complete, the influence of environment temperature, it will not cause big, inert materials belong to environment, and sensitivity to the environment.

Be holistic.

Compositions of the alumina ceramic tiles

Performance Index









Compressive strength(Mpa)





Hardness mohs





Volume density(g/cm3)





Water absorption(%)





Color of product