Alumina Ceramic Mat

Alumina Ceramic Mat

wear resistant alumina ceramic mat widely used in some equipment to protect equipments and prevent wear resistant. Qishuai produce 92% alumina ceramic and 95% alumina ceramic.With different wear resistant and different density.
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Product Details

Alumina ceramic mat description

wear resistant Ceramic is a neutral materials, stable chemical performance, excellent corrosion resistance and acid resistance, can resist various inorganic acid, organic acid, organic solvents, such as its resistance to corrosion is stainless steel is more than ten times.

Ceramic composite steel pipe lined with porcelain layer of Al2O3 content is more than 95%, micro hardness HV1000-1500, and thus has high wear resistance, its wear resistance more than 10 times higher than the medium carbon steel after quenching and is better than that of tungsten carbide drill.

Advantages of the Alumina ceramic mat

1.High alumina and good wear resistant

2.Kinds of sizes,all sizes are customised according to customers request.

3.easily used in some wear resistant equipments and prolong equipments life.