Alumina Ceramic Uses In Cement Plant

Alumina Ceramic Uses In Cement Plant

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Alumina ceramic uses in cement plant

       1, limestone crushing system, raw material pre-homogenization system: crusher feed chute, crusher chute, belt roller plastic bag;

        2, raw material mill system: separator guide vane, separator cone and shell, vertical mill feed chute 

(inside and outside), vertical mill material ring, disc scraper, vertical mill body, the vertebral body support Rod, vertical mill to the cyclone tube, cyclone tube, vertical mill roller shaft seals and roller protection 


        3, fuel mill: separator guide vanes, separator cone and shell, powder separator back to the powder

 tube, vertical cylinder body, vertebral body, chute and so on;

        4, sintering system: humidification tower import, export elbow, grate cooler to electric precipitator 

pipe, grate cooler to mill coal duct, whirlwind duct;

        5, cement mill system: vertical mill barrel, chute, into the roller chute, roller side baffle, steady flow  Weighing warehouse liner, into the V-class separator chute, cone separator and shell, Circulation fan

 impeller, shell, whirlwind tube and import and export elbow, ball mill export elbow, dust collection tube, 


        6, waste heat power generation system: grate cooler to the settlement pipe, settlement chamber wall.

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