Alumina Ceramic Wear Resistant Plate

Alumina Ceramic Wear Resistant Plate

Alumina ceramic tiles are generally used in some environments where the wear is relatively serious and the impact force is relatively large. The commonly used models are 150*100*25, 150*100*6, 150*100*12, 150*100*50, 150*50. *25,150*150*6,etc.The color is white and the content of alumina is 92.
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Alumina wear-resistant ceramic plates are material conveying equipment for petroleum, mining, steel, power plants and other industries, and also wear-resistant materials for liquid flowing through the surface of pipes. The main function is to effectively resist the influence of the material on the pipe wall. The corrosive action of the chemical material and the thermal shock generated by the material reduce the wear of the equipment components, thereby greatly reducing the cost of frequent maintenance and extension. The service life of the equipment. It is the first choice for industrial wear, impact and corrosion resistant materials.


The perforated aluminum oxide ceramic lining plate is a special corundum ceramic which is made of AL2O3 as a main raw material and a rare metal oxide as a flux and is fired at a high temperature of 1700 degrees. The wear-resistant ceramic lining bricks generally have a thickness of more than 10mm. They can be used in blanking pipes, coal unloading tanks, chutes, cyclones and other equipment. Because of the thicker and higher hardness of bricks, the impact resistance and resistance of bricks It has a strong wear capacity and is therefore widely used.

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