Alumina Wear Resist Ceramic Plate

Alumina Wear Resist Ceramic Plate

Alumina Wear Resist Ceramic Plate is frequently used in applications like chutes, hoppers, pipes, conveyor belts, and production systems where there are moving object sliding across surfaces. As the object slides over the material it slowly abrades away the component until there is nothing left, in high wear environments this can happen frequently and cause a multitude of expensive problems.
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Product Description:

Alumina Wear Resist Ceramic Plate is directly affixed on the inner wall of equipment by our high-temperature-resistance inorganic bond. 

Alumina ceramics are ceramic materials mainly composed of alumina (Al2O3 ). Alumina ceramics have high hardness, Rockwell hardness HRA80-90, hardness is second only to diamond, and wear resistance far exceeds wear-resistant steel and stainless steel. Alumina Wear Resist Ceramic Plate is a multifunctional ceramic. Due to its superior performance, it has been widely used in modern society to meet the needs of everyday use and special performance.

Key benefits:

Excellent anti-wear and corrosion resistance.

Longer life than that of traditional wear protection material. 

Avoid shutdown time and maximize the productivity of your plant.

Alumina Wear Resist Ceramic Plate

Qishuai Alumina Wear Resist Ceramic Plate suitable for any part of production system which need wear protection, including not only machinery such as mills,cyclones and separators but also equipment for loading and transferring materials such as hoppers, silos, pipes etc.

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