Ceramic Wear Plate

Ceramic Wear Plate

wear resistant AL2O3 brick suppliers in China from Shandong Qishuai.Rubber ceramic liners,wear resistant alumina ceramic bricks and other wear resistant products are manufactured. All kinds of sizes are available according to customers drawings by our professional engineers.
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Description of the ceramic-wear-plate

ceramic wear plate is a ceramic material with alumina (Al2O3) as the main body and used in thick film integrated circuit. ceramic wear plate has good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance. Attention is needed

Use ultrasound for washing. ceramic wear plate is a kind of widely used ceramic, because of its superior performance, the application of modern society has become more and more extensive, to meet the needs of daily use and special performance.

Al2O3 content of high purity alumina ceramics is 92 More than 9% of the ceramic material, due to the sintering temperature up to 1650-1990 ℃, the transmission wavelength of 1 ~ 6 microns, usually made from molten glass to replace platinum crucible;

It is used as the sodium lamp tube with its transmittance and alkali resistance. In the electronics industry, it can be used as integrated circuit board and high frequency insulation material.

Ordinary alumina ceramics are divided into 99 porcelain, 95 porcelain, 90 porcelain and 85 porcelain in accordance with Al2O3 content. Sometimes the content of Al2O3 is in 80% or 75% of the ceramic series. 99 alumina porcelain

The material is used for high temperature crucible, furnace tube and special wear-resisting material such as ceramic bearing, ceramic seal and water valve, etc. Alumina porcelain is mainly used as corrosion resistant and wear-resisting parts; The porcelain is often mixed in Some talc has improved the electrical properties and mechanical strength, which can be sealed with molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, etc., and some are used as vacuum devices.

Details of the ceramic-wear-plate

1.Technicals of the wear resistant alumina ceramic bricks

Technical Indicators Of Ceramic
Alumina content92
Compressive Strength≥850Mpa
KIC fracture toughness≥4.8Mpa.M1/2
Bending strength≥290 mp
Thermal conductivity20 w/m.k
Coefficient of thermal expansion7.2*10-6m/*m.k

Photos of the ceramic wear plate