China Alumina Ceramic Lining

China Alumina Ceramic Lining

alumina ceramic mat include alumina ceramic square mat,alumina ceramic hex mat,alumina ceramic cyliner mat.With 92% alumina and 95% alumina.They are very popular in America.Welcome to join us!
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Description of the alumina ceramic lining

Alumina is abundant in the crust, with an average of 15.34% in the rock, which is the second most important oxide in nature. There are two main kinds of alumina used in ceramic industry, namely, industrial alumina and fused alumina.

Industrial alumina are typically high aluminum content of natural mineral bauxite, diaspore and kaolinite as raw material, through alkaline, in chemical treatments, such as bayer process to remove impurities such as silicon, iron, titanium, aluminum hydroxide is prepared, then through made by calcining. Industrial alumina is a loose crystalline powder with an average particle size of between 40 and 70 mu m, and the porosity is about 30%.