Composite Ceramic Plate

Composite Ceramic Plate

Wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite liner is a brick-shaped or cylindrical wear-resistant corundum ceramic inlaid in special rubber, and with CN rubber layer or welded steel plate heat vulcanization as a whole to form a liner.
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Composite ceramic plate

Composite ceramic plate is a combination of a variety of features, effectively avoiding the brittleness of ceramics and alloys of the shortcomings of the weldability, can play a good buffer and very strong, so it is in the cement system in the low-temperature environment can also work well, like some pipes, hopper can use this type of wear-resistant liner. A variety of large factories will use wear-resistant liner to solve some of the equipment is easy to destroy, repair times and all kinds of environmental pollution problems, but only understand the different types of wear-resistant liner features and applications to better maintain equipment.

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Applications of the compposite ceramic plate

♦ Coal Preparation Plants                                          ♦ Coal Fired Power Stations

♦ Mineral Processing Plants                                      ♦ Cement Plants

♦ Chemical Plants                                                      ♦ Steel & Iron Plants

♦ Railway Stations                                                     ♦ Ports  

Technical information:

 1) al2o3: 92% or 95% high alumina ceramic wear tiles.

2) Density: 3.6g/cm3

3) Compressive strength: above 2,000MPa

4) Water absorption: <0.01

5) Crushing strength: ≥520kN

6) Hardness: 9 (Mohs)

7) Size: 40mm-75mm

Packing: cartons

Details of the Composite ceramic plate

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