Cyclone Alumina Ceramic Lining

Cyclone Alumina Ceramic Lining

QS is the manufacture focus on wear resistant alumina ceramic products.Include Cyclone alumina ceramic lining provided,it was very popular in some mining industries. QS served so many mining companies,power plants,cement plsnts and steel plants in Australia,Russia,Brazil,Chile,Pakistan...
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Feachures of the Cyclone alumina ceramic lining

1, low resistance operation

Smooth, rust-resistant alumina ceramic lining on a seamless, unsmooth steel tube lining on a spiral surface is undoubtedly the best choice.

2, corrosion-resistant, anti-fouling

As the ceramic layer contains a neutral material (AL2O3), therefore, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and has anti-scaling features.

3, good wear resistance

Ceramic lining Mohs hardness of 9, the microhardness HV1000-1800, so it is such a high wear resistance can be better used in metallurgy, electric power, mining, coal and other industries, its industrial application shows that: Wear life is high, its wear resistance than quenched carbon steel ten times, or even several times.

4, the project cost is lower

Wear-resistant ceramic performance and cheaper than tungsten carbide tungsten carbide.

5, high temperature

Wear-resistant ceramics can withstand temperatures above 1400 ℃, which can work long-term within the range of -50-1200 ℃

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