Hex Tile Rubber Mats

Hex Tile Rubber Mats

Hex Tile Rubber Mats(Ceramic Chute Liners,High Abrasion Rubber Ceramic Lining,Ceramic Rubber Chute Liner,Wear-resistant Ceramic Composite Liner)are manufactured in Shandong Province,China.These are used in mining companies,power plants and cement plants as well.
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Product Details

Description of the Hex Tile Rubber Mats(Ceramic Rubber Composite Liner):

Hex Tile Rubber Mats,Rubber ceramic wear liner, rubber backed ceramic tile mat,wear resistant ceramic liner plate is embedding high alumina ceramic into energy absorbing rubber or polyurethane cushion, and bond both to steel backing plate via hot vulcanizing for easy installation.

Energy-absorbing rubber cushions helps reduce impact energy and prevent ceramic tiles breakage,

Steel backing plate with studs for easy installation.

Size of Hex Tile Rubber Mats:

Length x width x height

10 x10 x5/10

20 x20 x 4/5/6/7

120 x 80 x 10/12.7/20

110x 37/34x 12

130 x50/47x12

150 x60/57 x12/10

Hex Tile Rubber Mats

Company Information:

The company has advanced processing equipment and experienced technical staff, adhering to the integrity-based, quality first service concept, with a good reputation and quality services, won the vast number of units using the praise and recognition. With three guarantees of quality and competitive prices, become an independent school in the same industry. 

The purpose of the company:

Science and technology is the first productivity, quality and credibility is the life of the company, sincerely for your service is the purpose of my company, my company is willing to with reliable technology, first-class products and quality service, for the majority of users to reduce costs, increase economic efficiency to contribute.

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