High Abrasion Alumina Ceramic Tile

High Abrasion Alumina Ceramic Tile

abrasion alumina ceramic tiles include alumina ceramic mat,alumina ceramic brick,alumina ceramic tiles and some others alumina ceramic products.Abrasion alumina ceramic tiles widely used in mining equipemnts,cement plants,steel plants...
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Product Details

Technicals of the abrasion alumina ceramic tile

Performance Index









Compressive strength(Mpa)





Hardness mohs





Volume density(g/cm3)





Water absorption(%)





Color of product 




Description of the abrasion alumina ceramic tile

Abrasion alumina ceramic tiles with good density, high hardness, low wear, corrosion resistance, easy to install and so on. Widely used in thermal power, steel, coal, mining, smelting, chemical industry, ports and other industries of coal, transporting system, dust removal system, blast furnace sintering production and coking process medium wear large mechanical equipment. At the same time, it is also an advanced lining material for chemical equipment, catalytic cracker, flue gas pipeline and so on.

Feachures of the abrasion alumina ceramic tiles

1.abrasion ceramic tiles with low density

2.abrasion ceramic tiles with low weight

3.abrasion ceramic tiles with very excellent wear resistant

4.easy to install

5.prolong equipments useful life