High Temperature Resistance 92% Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Tiles with Top Grade

Shandong Qishuai is one of the leader for wear resistant business in North China from 2010.Alumina ceramic is our leading products.Include alumina ceramic bricks,tiles,tubes and bends.It is very popular in Australia,America and Europe.92% alumina,95% alumina and 99% alumina are provided with high quality and very nice price.
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Product Details

High temperature resistance 92% wear resistant alumina ceramic tiles with top grade

1. Product Introduction of the wear resistant Alumina ceramic tiles

Alumina ceramic mainly include alumina ceramic tiles,bricks,balls and tubes.The content we have 92% to 99%.Different field use different content alumina ceramic products and their prices also have a big difference.
Alumina ceramic products have much higher hardness and wear resistance than steel.But their price is very favarable.They are wear resistant and ideal material for material transportation equipment in industry such as petroleum,mine,steelworks.And they can prolong the using cycle of equipment effectively.Here have almost hundreds of sizes for your reference,so we can customised all sizes according to clients requirements.


2. Product Specification of the wear resistant Alumina Ceramic tiles

content of the alumina ceramic tiles:92%

hardness of the alumina ceramic tiles:Moh 9

original of the alumina ceramic tiles:zibo city

thickness and sizezs of the alumina ceramic tiles:Any sizes are available.


3. Product Feature of the wear resistant Alumina Ceramic tiles

1.High cost performance products

2.High hardness and high wear resistant of the wear resistant alumina ceramic tiles, Moh’s hardness is 9.wear resistant alumina ceramic is much higher than manganese steel's wear resistant.

3.All kinds of sizes,thickness,shape can be customised.

4.Good corrosion resistant and anti imopact of the wear resistant alumina ceramic tiles.

5.Easy to installed used in equipment.alumina tiles for protection

6.low density,wear resistant alumina ceramic's weight is one half of the steel.

4. Production details of the wear resistnt alumina ceramic tiles

wear resistant ceramic tiles.png


5. Delivery and shipping of the wear resistant Alumina Ceramic tiles

wear resistant ceramic bricks.png

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