Highly Alumina Ceramic Lining Tiles

Highly Alumina Ceramic Lining Tiles

Highly alumina ceramic lining tiles with 3.62 density,90HRC and very excellent wear resistant.Alumina ceramic lining tiles,alumina ceramic mat,alumina ceramic rubber ceramic,all kinds of alumina ceramic products are provided from QS in China.
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Highly alumina ceramic lining tiles are adhered to the inner wall of the equipment by heat - resistant adhesive. Under the 350 ℃ can run for a long time not aging, the cementation type products used for the 750 ℃ of heat-resistant inorganic binder. The resistance temperature and adhesion performance index of adhesives are well ahead in China.

Highly alumina ceramic lining tiles adhesive is a kind of high performance adhesive which is specially used to paste the wear-resisting ceramic lining onto the substrate surface of the equipment.


Chemical competent







Alkaline matter



2.6 g/cm3


7 M

Water absorption


Rupture  strength


Gas tightness

Kept for ten minutes at negative pressure of 1.3Kpa. The pressure drop is less than 0.3Kpa.

Heat tolerance

Insert the pipe into the furnace at a depth of 20mm. Heat to 1600ºC and maintain for 30 minutes.

Alkali tolerance

In the Na2CO3 solution of 2N concentration, boil for 15 hours with the weight loss not greater than 20mg/dm2.

Volume resistance

>2*10(5) Ω·cm/1300ºC

Breakdown voltage


Expansion coefficient


Temperature for use

Long-term: 1400ºC  Short-term: 1600ºC

Chill and abrupt heat

1300ºC~room temperature not cracking thrice.

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