Highly Wear-resistant Ceramic Composite Liner

Highly Wear-resistant Ceramic Composite Liner

The rubber ceramic plate is an excellent impact and wear resistant product.All kinds of sizes and thickness are customised.We, Qishuai, are alumina rubber liner manufacturers(Ceramic Chute Liners,)from China.QS served mining units,cement plants and steel plants all over the world.
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Description of the Highly Wear-resistant Ceramic Composite Liner

There are two main types of rubber-ceramic composite linings produced by our company:

Two-in-one (ceramic + rubber), the main installation method is to use high-strength adhesive to adhere to the equipment; three-in-one (ceramic + rubber + steel), the main installation method is fixed on the equipment by bolts welded on the steel plate . The main component of ceramics is 92% al2o3, which has excellent wear resistance. The rubber-ceramic composite liner formed by vulcanization with rubber can effectively reduce the impact of falling materials and reduce the wear of equipment, thus prolonging the service life of equipment.


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