Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Lining

Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic Lining

Special alumina ceramics made of AL2O3 as the main raw material, dry pressed, rare metal oxide as flux and calcined at 1700 °C. According to different usage conditions, it can meet the wear protection requirements of various working conditions.
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The materials we choose: Our wear-resistant ceramic linings are fired in tunnel kiln. The batch volume is large, the kiln temperature is stable, the ceramic linings are uniform in color, and the surface is neat and non-adhesive from the outside. Black spots (high quality raw material powder impurities)

alumina ceramic lining

Main parameters and indicators of ceramics

 Alumina content






 Compressive strength


 Thermal conductivity

     20 W/m.k

 Coefficient of thermal expansion             


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