Wear Resistant Ceramic Liner

Wear Resistant Ceramic Liner

92% wear resistant ceramic liner plate and 95% wear resistant ceramic liner plate supplied by Shandong Qishuai for mining.Include alumina tiles,alumina ceramic lining,high temperature resistant ceramic tile,ceramic wear tiles,top grade alumina tile,alumina ceramic mat and pipe lining tile.
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Product Details

Description of the wear resistant ceramic liner

Charactures of the wear resistant ceramic liner

1.good hardness

Wear resistant ceramic liner,it's hardness is 80-90,The hardness is next to diamond, But its wear resistant is much far more than wear resistant steel and stainless steel.

2.good high corrosion 

Wear-resistiant ceramics is the use of modern engineering ceramics have excellent wear resistance to corrosion, through the reasonable structure design and composite process combined with matrix metal components, wear resistant ceramic as the surface of the work, in the premise of lower overall cost increase life of wear-resistant anti-corrosion equipment. Main performance indexes: the surface wear resistance of ceramics is more than 100 times that of manganese steel and more than 20 times of high chromium cast iron. It is several times more than the wear-resistant rubber. Ceramic metal bonding strength up to 300 kg / ㎝ 2 using temperature is 500 ℃.

Wear-resistant ceramic plates are different in region and habits so there are many aliases, such as porcelain pieces, linings, ceramic Mosaic, alumina linings, high aluminum linings and so on. Wear-resisting ceramics is AL2O3 as the main raw material, with rare metal oxide as the flux, through one thousand seven hundred baidu high temperature roasting of special alumina ceramic, with high strength organic/inorganic binder combination products.

Technical details of the Wear resisatnt ceramic liner

alumina ceramic content:92% 



Compressive strength:≥850Mpa

Fracture toughness:≥4.8MPa·m1/2

bending strength:≥290Mpa

Thermal conductivity:20W/m.K

Thermal expansion:7.2×10-6m/m.K


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